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emegency notice! DHL International Express on New Regulations for Shipments to the United States
Time: 2021-05-29

Due to a surge in imports from the United States, major port terminals in North America are severely congested , a large number of ships waiting for berths, causing logistics delays. DHL has issued a notice regarding US international shipments, all shipments to the US via DHL channels  (US only, other countries not affected) from span>Starting from May 28th, Guangzhou DHL Express and Shenzhen DHL will suspend accepting any single piece Shipments over 30kg, and the size of a single piece cannot exceed: 60x70x90cm.

But a single ticket over 30kg is OK, But if there is one item over 30kg in one ticket, it will not be accepted.

That is, the acceptance of large shipments is suspended, and the recovery time is undetermined.


1 ticket 1 piece actual weight 35kg (not accepted)

1 ticket 2 pieces, one of which is 38kg (not accepted)

1 ticket 8 pieces each 10kg total 80kg (can receive)

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