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Vietnamese logistics companies "ride" China-Europe trains to enter the European market
Time: 2021-09-05

China News Agency, Pingxiang, Guangxi, November 26 (Reporter Jiang Xuelin and Huang Yanmei) "We will make full use of the China-Europe freight train to transport Vietnamese goods to the European market through China." Feng Thi Li He, Deputy General Manager of Vietnam Hanoi Railway Transportation Joint Stock Company On the 26th, it was expressed in Pingxiang, Guangxi.

On the same day, the opening ceremony of the Guangxi Pingxiang Railway Port Upgrade and Reconstruction Project (Phase I), a new international land-sea trade channel, was held. In an interview with reporters after the ceremony, Feng Thi Li He said that some agricultural products such as fruits and tea from Vietnam have a great market in Europe, and the Vietnamese railway department will use the China-Europe freight train to export these products to third-party countries such as Europe through China.

Feng’s Li He said that the opening of the China-Europe freight train (Nanning, China-Hanoi, Vietnam) cross-border container train will make Vietnam an important node among the countries of the Indo-China Peninsula. Goods from the peninsula countries are attracted to Vietnam to be assembled and then shipped to the European market via the China-Europe freight train.

On November 28, 2017, the first China-Europe train (Nanning, China - Hanoi, Vietnam) cross-border container train departed from Nanning, Guangxi, and three days later, the return train departed from Hanoi, Vietnam, realizing the successful two-way cross-border container train between China and Vietnam. . According to reports, the operating mileage of China-Vietnam cross-border container trains (Nanning-Hanoi) is about 400 kilometers, of which about 240 kilometers in China and about 160 kilometers in Vietnam. With seamless docking, the goods on the train can be delivered within 24 hours.

Li Ningxin, general manager of China Railway Container Corporation's Nanning Branch, introduced to reporters that on November 28 this year (Nanning, China - Hanoi, Vietnam) cross-border container trains will be operating for the first anniversary. It is of great significance for China to form a resource complementation and interconnection with Southeast Asian countries through cross-border railway transportation, and expand the "friend circle" of China-Europe freight trains.

The Nanning-Hanoi cross-border container train is one of the key development projects in the construction of the China-Singapore interconnection southbound channel. On November 12, China and New Zealand announced that the "Southbound Corridor" under the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Project on Strategic Connectivity was officially renamed the "New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor".

According to statistics, in the past year, China Railway Nanning Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and China Railway Container Corporation organized a total of 58 cross-border container trains between China and Vietnam, of which 1,378 TEUs went directly from Vietnam to Chengdu, Chongqing and other places in China to continue the China-Europe trains. Normalized opening of 1 column per week. The cargo organized by the train has also increased from the initial fruits, electronic products, and zinc oxide to 15 categories including textiles and agricultural products. (Finish)

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