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DHL international express EU 27 countries shipping invoice requirements
Time: 2021-05-29

From now on, for shipments to EU countries via Guangzhou DHL Express Hong Kong DHL channels, invoices must be provided in strict accordance with the standard requirements. Please refer to the attachment for invoice templates. < span style="text-indent:2em;">If DHL returns the item due to unqualified invoice, it will be borne by the sender, please know!

special reminder:

1. The specified invoice format is only mandatory for 27 EU countries, and the red font is marked as a required item;

2. The sender's phone number and email address or the recipient's phone number and email address, either of the two is required;

3. The company name (or person's name) and address of the sender must be provided in detail. Abbreviations are not accepted (for example: BAOAN DIST SHENZHEN)

Sending customers are advised to be aware of the above and do a review of the documents at the front end of the receipt, reminding the sending customers to prepare the required information before exporting, Foshan DHLNo more review. If the shipment is delayed or returned due to data problems, it will be borne by the shipping customers themselves. Thank you for your cooperation.

The 27 countries are listed below: Sweden, Slovenia, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, ItalyIreland, Ireland, Hungary, Greece, France, Germany , Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium,Austria, Malta, Netherlands, Luxembourg.

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